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    Hmmm. I am seeing your delima better now. But the fact remains that she has a name already and changing it is certianly not something to be done lightly in my opinion.

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    Congratulations on your adoption! I plan on adopting as well and I completely agree regarding the nn Nastia. I love it, but I just don't think it works in American culture, and poor little Nastia has enough adjusting to do on her own without dealing with the teasing that other children could give. It sounds like you haven't taken this decision lightly at all and have agonized over it, which shows how complicated the situation of changing names can be! I don't think most adoptive families change their children's names vindictively, just out of spite since they don't like the name, but it seems like a lot of people on name boards assume it is that way.

    If you like Anastasia I agree that there are other nns you could use (Anna, Annie, Anya, Stasia, Asia, etc.), but it could very well be that she would love having a new name! I know a lot of adopted children who have begged for a clean break from their history before their adoption, and fully embrace their new names (and often are the ones who ask if they can have a new name!), so I don't know that it's all as bad as many people on name forums usually make it out to be (although I'm not a parent yet, so what do I know? )

    I just want to make sure I understand--you want your daughter's name to be within the top 500 of the SSA list, or outside of it? Both Audrey and Harper are within it, I believe, so that is what I figured you wanted, and then I looked at your post again and I'm not so sure anymore!

    I think Penelope would be really nice with Audrey and Harper, although I think Penelope Anastasia would be a bit much. You could use the nn Nell, though, which would have the "N" connection. Eleanor nn Nell/Norah or Nadia might be nice, as well.

    Good luck!
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    Is Anna really off the table or is there room for continued consideration? I get that it is a form of the MIL's name -but it is also part of this child's own name as well.

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    Does the decision need to be made quickly? Maybe a new name or nicname will happen organically. Perhaps as Ashley mentioned she will be more than happy to take on something new.

    Natalie was what first occured to me when I heard Nastia. I also think Stasia is nice.

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    Anna/Ana is definately out. Not only because of Anne, but the grandkids call her Annie, it's way too close for us. And to clarify on the 500 thing. Out of 100 is a requirement and I'd prefer it to be out of 500.

    I like Nell and Norah. Hubby just said "no". He has also said no to Estelle, Estella, Willow, Lucy, Imogen, Violet, Seraphina, Selah, Beatrice, Prudence, Hope, Cadence, Esther and on and on.

    I'm not 100% opposed to Anastasia having to be the middle name, but even if it were the first name it's way too much name for me and I'd likely call her by her middle name.

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