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    3rd girl with required challenging middle name

    Alright, we are adopting a 4 year old girl from Russia. Her given Russian name is Anastasia. We will keep that as her middle name. She's currently being called Nastia so perhaps an N first name to help the transition would be nice. We have 15 month old twin girls Audrey Lillian (Lillian is family) and Harper Grace.

    We need suggestions for our sweet Russian princess. We like out of the top 500 names but still pronouncable (Harper was an accidental surge in popularity). I've suggested no less than 200 names in the last day alone and Hubby only gave me a maybe on one - Elise.

    Any other ideas? Oh and last name is a "G" and and sounds similar to Boil.

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    Um, I'm sorry, but I think a 4yr old would have a very hard time with a name change. Unless she really hates her name. I have an almost 6yr old that absolutley loves her name & I think she'd be very confused if her name was changed.

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    I would advise you to keep her name as Anastasia. A four-year-old will have a lot of adjusting to do with her new life so I don't think it would be wise to change her name at this late stage. She most probably identifies herself as Anastasia already and the name is very pretty.
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    How exciting to be adding to your family! Congratulations. I hope you don't take offense to this, but I really think it would be nice to keep her given name in the first name place. She has identified with her name as part of her who she is as a person being four years old at this point in time. Adapting to a new family, new country, new langauge and culture is bound to be difficult. Why should she have to change her name as well? Anastasia is a lovely name. Anna is a nice nicname that goes well with her sister's names as well.

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