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    I absolutely love Olive! Olivia nn Olive/Liv is on my short list. Penelope and Olive seems perfect to me, and Olive seems like such a sweet choice. Natural, peace-loving, sweet, but still has those lovely nns Olivia does (well, most of them, anyway!). Some may not like it, but I think it's a great choice and I like it more than all your other options (well, I absolutely adore Clara, but if it's unusable to you...), too.

    Good luck!
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    I'm on the fence with Olive. I've actually been considering adding it to my list because I love the nn Liv but Olivia is too popular for me. I think it's cute and I love the meaning. If you like it, you should use it! It does go well with Penelope too. It makes me think of Olive from Little Miss Sunshine...such a great movie!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyw View Post
    DD #1 is named Penelope, we call her Penny or Pen. She actually helped pick out her sister's potential name and sounds adorable when she say says the name, for DD #2, which is Olive. Then we recently had a comment from someone, "what, Olive, was the name cucumber taken?" ha ha, right?

    So, am now I am having second thoughts about the name, not just because of this one incident, but maybe I am not in love with it as I was a few months ago? Or maybe it is just pregnancy hormones, as I am 38 weeks, and could have the baby anytime!

    Pros: name style goes with Penelope, is a green color name - like mine (Kelly), meaning of peace

    Cons: noun name, too plain/short a name next to Penelope, our last name is also two syllables

    Other names my husband and I have considered: Beatrix, Eliza
    Names we like, but can't use for one reason or another: Clara, Margaret/Maggie

    I would appreciate any thoughts, comments, suggestions!
    Although I'm really not a fan of the name Olive myself, what a rude comment from that person! I love that your daughter picked it

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    I have seen the name more and more. Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher named their daughter Olive. Movies and shows like Easy A, Pushing Daisies and Little Miss Sunshine feature an Olive.
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    I've never liked Olive that much personally (and would much prefer Beatrix). However I don't think this incident should be a cause for you to reconsider the name. Everyone has second thoughts about their name choice, but when you see your baby girl, I think you'll know if you have chosen the right one.

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