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    Olive...having second thoughts.

    DD #1 is named Penelope, we call her Penny or Pen. She actually helped pick out her sister's potential name and sounds adorable when she say says the name, for DD #2, which is Olive. Then we recently had a comment from someone, "what, Olive, was the name cucumber taken?" ha ha, right?

    So, am now I am having second thoughts about the name, not just because of this one incident, but maybe I am not in love with it as I was a few months ago? Or maybe it is just pregnancy hormones, as I am 38 weeks, and could have the baby anytime!

    Pros: name style goes with Penelope, is a green color name - like mine (Kelly), meaning of peace

    Cons: noun name, too plain/short a name next to Penelope, our last name is also two syllables

    Other names my husband and I have considered: Beatrix, Eliza
    Names we like, but can't use for one reason or another: Clara, Margaret/Maggie

    I would appreciate any thoughts, comments, suggestions!

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