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Thread: Naya?

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    What do you think? I love it, I think it's fresh and cute but not weird. Associated with the actress Naya Rivera as well. Only problem is, it's very close in sound to Maya. Would you not use Naya for fear of having to repeat it over and over? Also, it's kind of an exotic name to me, can you picture it on a little caucasian girl?

    Middle names? I know it's common, but I think Naya Rose is gorgeous. <3
    I'm also very surprised to see that the name is not in the nameberry database!
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    I like glee and Naya is pretty to me. I know a lot of Maya, but Naya Rivera is the only Naya I've ever heard.

    Use Naya Rose if you like it, it's a sweet combo.

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    I actually been having this debate myself. I really am starting to love the name. Its cute and fresh, and not popular. I also like the spelling Nayah. And even though its close to Maya I don't think you will have to constantly repeat it. I read somewhere that a name is a great choice if someone can look at it and pronounce it and if someone can hear it and spell it, I think that the name fits both.
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    I love Naya, both the name and Ms. Rivera! Naya Rose is lovely.

    Personally I prefer it spelled Naia, and I would most definitely use the name if I hadn't other I loved just a tad more that I want to use first. I don't think you'd get too many cases of little Naya being mistaken for Maya, at least, not enough to worry too much about.

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    In my country it sounds like a profanity (in one of our 11 national languages). But seeing as you would never speak my local language I guess it won't matter. In English its a beautiful name!

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