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    Oh I just love Vivienne Grey, and I am so glad to hear your new little one is doing so well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by makeupbyjanine View Post
    Our lovely Vivienne Grey was born on January 6th, 2012 (sorry it took so long... I temporarily was distracted from naming obsessions!). The name Vivienne won out over Violet, our other top choice, after she was born. She had trouble breathing and was on a ventilator for a few days. She is doing wonderfully now, but she was kind of a purple shade when she was born, so Violet became kind of weirdly innaproprate. We were considering Penelope, Hazel, Ruby, Fiona and Daphne as well, but Vivienne means "full of life" and it seemed a perfect name to carry her through her time in the NICU and into good health. As everyone says, we couldn't picture her with any other name now! Thank you to everyone who voted on her name and provided helpful feedback & inspiration. We love you Nameberries! <3
    Congratulations to you on the birth of your LO! Vivienne Grey is such a lovely combo!
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    Congratulations on your baby girl! Vivienne Grey is a lovely name with a wonderful story!
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    Congratulations! Vivienne Grey is lovely.
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    Congratulations! What a beautiful name. Are you pronouncing Vivienne with the accent on the first or the last syllable? It's very pretty either way.

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