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    Thanks ladies! I love love Sunday but Hubby doesn't also feel like maybe Sunday House sounds a bit like the name of a church group or something? To me Ainsley is all girl (I know it's traditionally not but I can't see it on a boy in my mind). I appreciate the other name suggestions but sadly I don't like hardly any girl names. Not sure what's wrong with me! This is why it's a challenge!

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    I think pairing any English surname type name or word name with House is going to make it sound like a bed n breakfast or organization. Ainsley House sounds a bit like a bed n breakfast to me. Ainsley is ok, but (I don't mean to sound vulgar), it has always reminded me somewhat of anus. Maybe that's just me. I also think its a bit mismatched with Nella, which is decidedly feminine and old fashioned while Ainsley is more modern and unisex. These are all just my opinions and it sounds like you really like Ainsley, so you should just go with what you love.

    I like Sunday a lot, but I know what you mean about pairing it with House. I also really like Pearl and think it sounds really pretty with Nella, but Pearl House does kind sound like a Chinese restaurant or exotic furniture store.

    I'm going to give it a shot and suggest other names:

    Looking for a unique yet legitimate name, check out my growing database of names, I have names from Albanian to Yiddish

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    Haha, yeah you see what I mean then...there are SO many names that dont work with the last name house! Its frustrating. I have liked Ainsley for a long time but Im not stuck on it by any means. Its just the only name so far that my Husband and I both equally like. We have been talking names for a long time as we have 2 other kids and I have done tons of looking because I'm a name enthusiast but there is just nothing clicking for us at all. I like plenty of names but I'm searching for that one that just clicks like our others did and also works with our last name. Not easy!

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    Looking for a unique yet legitimate name, check out my growing database of names, I have names from Albanian to Yiddish

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    We both like Isla but again just dont love it. I like Rowan and Piper but the Mr. doesnt. We are hopeless! haha. Despite the fact that Nella is quite feminine I typically dont love extremely girly names. My style falls a bit more into the offbeat, unisex range for the most part. I can see something more feminine going better with Nella though. At same time I dont need them to match just have some decent sounding/similar style flow. I know as an adult my name and I stand alone and people arent concerned with my siblings names (Brandi, Brennan and Jonna).

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