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    I love Astrid and while DH crossed it off our list, I *probably* could have convinced him to use it. But even if I did, I do not think I would even though in theory I love the name. Same with Peregrine, we had it down on our list twice now and where I live I just cannot imagine people every pronouncing it correctly/spelling it right and I see what Bronwen goes through often so I most likely could never pull the trigger on Peregrine even if I do love everything about that name. In general, I tend to not care too much what others would think as long as I can imagine having the name myself and it being something that is "resume" ready.

    Nature names are a huge crush of mine, but most I would never use. Love Sunshine, but cannot imagine it on a person. Gives me such warm fuzzies but not on a human. Same with Shepherd, loved it with my last pregnancy but could never use it on a person.
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    Stormy Rose
    Briar Rose
    Thistle Rose

    Yes... if I ever have triplets (will never happen)... they will hate me. LOL.

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    I would pick Daffodil!!!

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    If I was brave enough, I would definitely use Peregrine, Clementine and Zelda. But alas I am not.
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