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    boys - Jericho and Galilee

    girls - Calliope (ca-lie-oh-pee)

    waaaay too out there! Also they are all town names in the state I live in. Cool though

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow View Post
    I love Athena. It has a number of amazing associations, lends itself to a few beautiful nicknames, and feels simultaneously powerful and gentle. Still, the gravity of a name like Athena feels a bit too much for a real-world individual to carry.
    I recently met an adorable five year old named Athena! It totally worked on her. Very cute. I also knew one when I taught preschool years ago. She'd be 12 or 13 now. Oh, and my five year old friend has a three year old cousin named Lucille. ADORABLE!!! They totally made both names wearable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrstrivette View Post
    Jonelle. It's a perfect combo hubby's name (Jonathan) & my name (Gwenelle). Asked hubby about using it for middle name for our girl & he says it's too tacky. I said, well it's better than Gwenathan! LOL
    I love this comment! Soooo cute. I actually like Jonelle. Very cute and obviously so very you! If he ever gets over whatever-it-is that husbands must, to see the truth about awesome names, I hope you are able to use it proudly! Gwenelle is a really neat name! How'd your mom decide to bestow it on you?

    And @ jaderain, after naming my first niece Ruby Alta (after deceased gramma's on both sides), when my brother found out that they were expecting a second girl, he wanted to use Hazel! Or Pearle. His wife said, "Absolutely not!"....thank goodness! Some themes are just too much! At first, I had been in shock over naming a baby 'Ruby' ~ she had always been my grandma!! ~ but when I realized that they were serious and time wasn't going to change their minds, I realized it really was the perfect name... Not only because of my grandma, but both my brother and his wife were born in July and so their birthstone is the ruby! (In fact, Ruby celebrates her 1/2 birthday on my brother's; it's pretty cool!) They ended up naming baby #2 Lexi Morgan.

    I also have 'out there' names~ maybe not to you other berries~ but certainly to my beloved husband. sigh. He can't see why a 'stuffy old lady name' like Beatrice would be in my top 3 names, but is there a more classic or lovely name? And how can you go wrong with her meaning, "Blessed; she who brings happiness"????? Oh, I just adore it! However, he does have a point when he says that any and all B names with our M last name would just be a disaster! LOL. I still say that unless someone rudely pointed out what that acronym stood for, by the time she'd actually understand it, she's be so in love with her name, she wouldn't care!! (His other great idea was to use Adelaide Rose Mc________, which doesn't have the best initials either!) We love the name Nadia, meaning "hope", but we both agree that you'd probably have to have some Russian~ not Irish~ heritage to pull that one off, so we came up with Natalia... I love the nn Talia, but I'm still not sure where that will go; maybe Natalia sounds like we're trying to hard?? Some ladies in the office were making fun of a possible future employee by the name of Natalia. I guess Lavinia and Minerva might get the same reaction. One thing is for sure, you can't please every one nor can you ever take the ideal out of an idealist
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    Carlisle, Caspian, Viggo, Phineas, and Sebastian for boys. I just think they're a bit too out there for the rest of the world.

    Astrid, Athena, Arwen, Deryn, and London for girls.
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    Many of my names for this list are names I would actually use in a heartbeat. However, my husband has given me resounding "no"s on a few of them.

    Lyra, Calliope, Dashiell, Ezra. Those are my favorites that he just won't budge on.
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