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    I have one reason for not using any of the names below - my husband =)
    Lenore and Annabelle Lee - love Poe
    Petra, Nadia, Alessandra, Katarina, and Zara

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    Hero for a girl.

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    I would love to name a girl Jordache. I have always liked Jordan for a girl, but I would prefer something more unique. I think the "dash" sounding ending makes it sound kind cool and daring. Unfortunately, as many of you probably know, Jordache jeans were designer jeans very popular in the 80s/90s when I was growing up. I don't know if the children that would go to school with my hypothetical daughter would catch this, but I'm sure their parents would.

    I also like Valencia but I think that is one of those names where you really have to own it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    Southerners would pronounce it "you- la- lee" which I think is pretty. Plus Eula Mae/ Eula Lee are classics. Olalie is an accepted variant
    I prefer Eulalia. It's supposed to be "o-lal-ya" but I like "you-la-lee-a" or "o-layl-ya". Or I might go with Alaylia "ah-lay-lee-a"
    The fact that people would pronounce it as "you-la-lee" is exactly what would probably stop me from using it. It makes it a bit lackluster. I love this pronunciation: (by Justyna), I mean, how beautiful does it sound in her accent? I love it. Anyway, I do like Eulalia as well, but it doesn't have the Poe connection. As far as Eula, honestly it sounds a little too "Beverly Hillbillies" to me, especially when paired with Mae. (No offense to anyone here named Eula.)
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    I love a lot of vintage, mauve-tinted, "old lady" names... Agatha, Edith, Opal and Sibyl are all in my top twenty or so, and I wouldn't hesitate to use any of them. However, good sense (in the form of my husband) has vetoed some of my more "out there" vintage names, like Dilys, Enid and Euphemia. I still love them, though, dust and all!

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