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    They are all very usable.
    Worth- I remember an actor being named Wortham, so why not Worth?
    Able- agree that I like Abel better
    Seaborn - went to school with a boy named Seabron and have ALWAYS loved it, but have never seen it anywhere else. Similar to Seaborn...

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    Hardy is usable, possibly Able, Erastus (Er, Era, Eri) and Zebedee (Zeb, Zebi).

    The others could be MN's.

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    The way I evaluate names as first names and middle names is completely different. Basically, for middles, anything goes as long as it is meaningful and flows well.

    Hardy -- It's definitely useable as a first, though not at all my style.
    Seaborn -- Not useable as a first. I just keep thinking "fish!".....even though I am totally in favor of having a water birth, this just seems weird.
    Able -- I actually love this name! Totally useable.
    Lemuel -- Useable, but not my style.
    Worth -- No....sounds like he may *not* have been "worth it"
    Erastus -- Not a fan.
    Zebedee -- No. Reminds me of the critter land in Splash Mountain at Disneyland.
    Bolton -- This one is interesting.
    Nissa -- Elsa -- Rauha -- Karolina/Karoliina -- Melina -- Lucia -- Saoirse -- Dagny -- Rosemary -- Lydia -- Grace/Gracia -- Teresa -- Eleanora -- Kirsten "Kirsi"

    Einar -- Bjorn -- Ragnar -- Leif -- Pavel "Pasha" -- Soren -- Ruben -- Finn -- Alarik -- Felix -- Daniel -- Brooks -- Dmitri "Dima" -- Kristoffer "Risto" -- Elessar -- Illarion

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