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Thread: No Clue...

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    No Clue...

    Hello! I posted in another thread and it seems at the moment we are leaning towards Jameson Merrick. However... I have a bit of a problem.

    One day I loved Jameson and now it just seems 'ehh'. And the problem is this happens a lot with my 'classic' names. One minute I love them and the next minute I'm bored with them! When I picture a little rosey cheeked boy in jeans and a sweater jumping in leaves, his name is Parker. When I picture a boy in overalls and messy blonde hair eating an ice cream come, his name is Jameson. I LOVE the classics. And I want a name I can picture on these little idealistic images of New England boys.

    Then.... I want a name that sounds beachy and surfery! Because we have roots in Hawaii many generations back. So when I picture a little boy playing in the sand in swim shorts and a snorkel, I think Merrick! And that's perfect.

    I'd love to use Sebstian or Connor because those seem to fit perfectly! But we can't use these because we have close friends/family with these names. Then there are the random names that we like that don't fit into either of these styles... My husband loves Octavius and Ignatius. I would never ever use such a long name on our baby.

    Our girls names we have picked are Cora and Scarlett. Louisa for a middle name. So I guess we are both into some vintage yet modern sounding names. So I desperately need some name suggestions that are New England-y (guess that meand classic in my books), layed back enough to be surfer-y, possibly with some vintag flair?

    Is this too complicated??

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    Jameson Merrick sounds great. Parker Merrick has a lot of K in it, is there another middle you'd consider? Maybe a family name or place name from the generations in Hawaii?

    I think Octavius or Octavian and Ignatius are great names, for what it's worth. Parker Octavian is pretty fantastic.

    What about Spencer? Graham? Grant?

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    These are the 3 main criteria I've pulled from your thread:
    1. Rosy cheeks playing in the leaves
    2. Messy blonde eating an ice cream cone
    3. Beachy and surfery

    Here's what I think fit all of these descriptions:

    Tobias or Toby

    I agree that Sebastian seems perfect. It's a shame you can't use it.

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    Hm, here are my suggestions:

    Nicholas (or Nikolai)
    Prescott or Preston
    Remington (I just love the nn Remi)
    Angus or Gus

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    I think you're over thinking it. The name you have picked out now fits your criteria perfectly.
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