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    Hardy - I know a man named Hardy, he is older but I still see it working
    Seaborn - no, can't work sorry!
    Able - Definitely!
    Lemuel - I know 3 Lemuels, ages 5, 27ish, and 50 so I see it working and aging well. Gulliver's Travels makes it a bit more approachable
    Worth - a real GP for but I don't know that it really works
    Erastus - probably hard to wear
    Zebedee - could work, Zeb is a nice NN
    Bolton - all I can do is hear Michael Bolton singing Sexual Healing, not an image for a child!

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    I'm all for out there and different names but not sure these are workable as FN's, maybe middle names.

    I think Able would be the only one but spelt as Abel.

    There is place in England called Bolton so I'm only reminded of that but I can see the appeal with similar names being popular - Colton, Colt, Holt etc. So this one could work but not in England.
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    Thanks, everyone. I'm not considering these names for a child. I pulled all these names off my GP list and put them out there just to see what kind of reactions I'd get. I could see myself using Hardy as a first name, but the others would be middle names.

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    Hardy- LOVE this! I think it would suit somebody whatever age they were:-)

    Seaborn- Hmmmm. Can't make my mind up about this! Not sure if I'm a fan.

    Able- I like it, but don't love it.

    Lemuel- I like how unusual this is, maybe too unusual though.

    Worth- Really really really like this!

    Erastus- Unusual, but nice.

    Zebedee- Its so unusual, cute for a baby. My cousin actually calls her baby bump Zebedee :')

    Bolton- Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming you're not English, because there's actually a town called Bolton in England, and not many English people choose Bolton as a name! I like it though:-)

    My favourite is definitely Hardy:-)
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    On Bolton: I wasn't aware of the town in England, but since I'm American it isn't something that worries me. It would be like a Brit taking Memphis or Camden off their list because Memphis, TN and Camden, NJ are bad places. I'd never heard of Michael Bolton before this board, and honestly musician associations don't bother me. Bolton would be in honor of a family member. I've heard so many great stories about him that the family association would far outweigh possible negative associations with the name.

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