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    If your favourite music artist is a band, you have boy/girl twins, FNs & MNs from

    Oliver Nicholson & Louisa Gabrielle

    If you have an iPhone, you have a boy, FN & MN from

    Cy Theo

    If you have a strong political standpoint, you have a girl, FN & MN from

    Erin Maeve

    If your bedroom walls are white or cream, you have boy/boy twins, FNs & MNs from

    Jeremiah Cyrus & Josiah Amos

    If your fingernails and toenails are all painted, you have a girl, FN & MN from

    Melody Seraphine

    Oliver, Louisa, Cy, Erin, Jeremiah, Josiah, and Mel.
    Favorite Names:
    Lucy Melrose|Jane Madeline|Sophia Matisse|Emma Rosalie|Liliana Roma|Charlotte Helena
    Benjamin Knox|Ryan Chandler|Mason Jericho|Noah Sebastian|Liam Phoenix|James Flynn

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