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    Talking CAF with fun rules

    I haven't made a game "with rules" in a while, so I thought I would give it a go...

    LN: Last name of a president/prime minister

    DH: fn is an animal, mn is generally found as a last name
    DW: fn is an uncommon flower name (not Lily, Rose, etc), mn is the name of a country, maiden is a color

    DS: fn is DH fn, mn is DW maiden name
    DS: fn is associated with water, mn is a name you relate to an elderly chap
    DD/DD: fn name begins with A, mn is related to Christmas // fn name rhymes with her twins fn, mn is also related to Christmas
    DS: fn is the last name of a famous race car driver, mn is the first name of a famous football player (American football)
    DD: fn is after a book character, mn begins with the same letter as YOUR mn (if you don't have a mn, you can use your fn)
    DD: fn name is a number, mn is a gemstone
    DD: fn is a bohemian/hippie name, mn is of Spanish origin

    Dog: named after a cartoon character (doesn't have to be a dog character)
    Cat: named after a Saturday Night Live character
    Cat: a common cat name
    Cat: named after your grandfather
    Turtle: named after a superhero
    Guinea Pig: begins with P
    My kiddos:
    * Natalie Ruth * Emily Rose * Brandon Poole * Jensen Andrew *

    Names I love:
    * Matilda Annabelle * Jesse Scott * Calliope Justine * Jasper Coyote *

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    LN: Taylor

    DH: Bear Kaufman Taylor
    DW: Bluebell Ireland (Mulberry) Taylor

    DS: Bear Mulberry Taylor
    DS: Wade Donald Taylor
    DD/DD: Anna Noelle Taylor // Lana Star Taylor
    DS: Andretti Peyton Taylor
    DD: Scout Mackenzie Taylor
    DD: Seven Emerald Taylor
    DD: Sunshine Paloma Taylor

    Dog: Droopy
    Cat: Simon
    Cat: Boots
    Cat: Leroy
    Turtle: Johnny Blaze
    Guinea Pig: Peppa
    My kiddos:
    * Natalie Ruth * Emily Rose * Brandon Poole * Jensen Andrew *

    Names I love:
    * Matilda Annabelle * Jesse Scott * Calliope Justine * Jasper Coyote *

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    LN: Harding

    DH: Robin Davis Harding
    DW: Jonquil Scotland (MN: Grey)

    DS: Robin Grey
    DS: River Wallace
    DD/DD: Brooklyn Noel & Katelyn Holly
    DS: Stewart Peyton
    DD: Alice Shelby
    DD: Tressa Pearl
    DD: Posey Ana

    Dog: Dino
    Cat: Sally O’Malley
    Cat: Fluffy
    Cat: Leon
    Turtle: Clark Kent
    Guinea Pig: Paco
    Davis & Joni Harding with their children Grey, River, twins Brook & Kate, Peyton, Shelby, Tressa, & Posey.
    Baby naming days are over but I'm still addicted to Nameberry!

    Kylee Jane 2/2/99 ~ Matthew Dylan 3/14/02

    ~Current Obsessions~
    Everly Danielle ~ Eden Elizabeth ~ Lauren Brooke ~ Bristol Katherine
    Elliott Thomas ~ Andrew Rhys ~ Joshua William ~ Everett Charles

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    DH: Wolf Hudson Thatcher
    DW: Bluebell Italia Grey-Thatcher

    DS: Wolf Grey
    DS: River Walter
    DD/DD: Anabel Holly & Isabel Mary
    DS: Patrick John
    DD: Elinor Beatrice
    DD: Una Ruby
    DD: Aspen Sofia

    Dog: Charlie Brown
    Cat: Roseanne Rosannadanna
    Cat: Mittens
    Cat: Bob
    Turtle: Flash
    Guinea Pig: Pumpkin

    Wolf & Bluebell
    Grey, River, Ana, Isa, PJ, Norah, Una, & Aspen

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