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  • Philippa

    20 57.14%
  • Ramona

    15 42.86%
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    I really like Philippa! It's elegant and classic, and I love the NNs, Pippa or Poppy.
    Ramona is nice, but I just love the sound of Philippa.
    Good luck!
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    I really like Ramona, my only problem with it is that it ends in 'Mona' which isn't the best sound? I've often said I like Romana or Romara as alternatives though, sadly my other half doesn't agree with me

    Less keen on Philippa, as I don't like the name Philip but much prefer Pippa, very sweet, cuter and spunkier

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    Ramona is gorgeous...Pippa is cute, but I don't love Philippa the way I love Ramona.

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    Either works, but I like Philippa better with your other girls names.
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    Don't care for Ramona, love Pippa! Good luck deciding!

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