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Thread: Damien

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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    Not at all. It is 100% not usable on a girl at all, imo.
    I agree completely. Why not Damiana?
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    NO! Damian is so HANDSOME not pretty at all! It is far to strong and masculine to work on a girl, not to mention all the confusion it will cause her entire life. You cannot put an MN on everything and when someone sees Damian they WILL assume its a boy!

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    NO! NO! NO! A feminine mn does not makeup for a BOYS first name!

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    I will probably use it on my first SON. I avoid any name for a boy that could be used for a girl too. Damian is absolutely not a girls name.

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    No. Sorry, I love Damien/Damian on a boy, but it doesn't work at all for a girl in my opinion. I'd rather see Damiana or even something like Dorian, which is a boy's name to me but sounds much more feminine than Damian.

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