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    Ways to spell the name Carly!

    Ways to spell Carly!

    1. Carly
    2. Karlee
    3. Karleigh
    4. Karli
    5. Carlee
    6. Carlie
    7. Carli
    8. Carley
    9. Carleigh
    9. Karly
    10. Karlie
    11. Karley
    12. Carlei
    13. Karlei
    14. Karligh
    15. Carligh

    Vote on which you like best!
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    Carly!! If you don't spell it right she will only be correcting people her entire life! No offense but there is no point in using a name if you cannot even spell it right!

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    Please, please, please spell it Carly. Dillonsfan01 is right. There's no point in using a name if you don't want to spell it correctly. I know this will come across as offensive, but I must say it. Every other spelling of Carly you have listed screams "low-class." You do not want to saddle your child with that.

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    I've always had a thing for Karly. I'm not sure why. I'm all for using traditional spellings, but I think Karly can honestly work. Not too different (usually, I hate this logic! lol), and still easy to remember and spell, but much more interesting than just Carly, imo. I used Karly in a story I once wrote--I still like it quite a bit.
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    Carly, Carlie, or even Karly. I disagree that any spelling other than Carly is low-class. Not everyone has the same taste. However, some are a little too creative even for me.
    Karli and Carli would also work, but I feel like they should be nicknames for something. I was actually considering Carly, but it was hard to decide between Carly and Carlie. Hope that helps!
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