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Thread: Is this usable?

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    Estée is cute. I think I remember someone on the forum had a daughter named Estée. I would avoid Estée Luisa, even though it's pretty, just because of the Estée Lauder association. Estée Violet seems sweet.

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    I love the name Estée so so so much. I've wondered how it would work IRL and honestly I think it's a little too tied with makeup. I thing Mrs. Lauder's name was Esther (another name I love). I've always thought Estée & Noémie as the sweetest sibset. Be careful with the MN sounding too much like a perfume (Estée Violet).

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    I think it is definitely usable. I do think of the makeup brand and the perfume but it is by no means a bad association!

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    I don't use make-up, so I wouldn't get the connection. But I did read it as "Estie" instead of pronouncing it "Estay" that how's it's s'pose to be?

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    I do think it's tied to the makeup brand, but it's not the end of the world. I love Séfora, so I can't talk, haha.
    Estée Cecile is really nice.
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