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    Aug 2012
    My Name: Matilda Luna Lark "Tilly"
    Husbands Name: Charlie Emmett Lark

    Birth One: Jasper Phineas Lark "Jas"

    Birth Two: Lily Grace Lark and Charlotte Alice Lark "Lil" and "Lotte"

    Birth Three: Gabriel Poseidon Lark "Gabe"

    Birth Four: Sadie December Lark "Sade"

    Birth Five: Dimitri Leif Lark, Mikhail Raoul Lark and Amelie Fleur Lark "Mitri", "Mikey" and "Millie"
    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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    Sep 2012
    Oxford, England
    My name: Skyler Cassandra
    My partner's name: Elliott Finn
    Birth one (daughter): Violet Susannah
    Birth two (son): Jasper Icarus
    Birth three (daughter): Florence Natalia
    Birth four (boy twins): Rigby Frost & Cooper Tate
    Birth five (daughter): Paloma Marine

    Five horses: Ocean, Dove, November, Caramel, & Pine
    Two dogs: Laffy and Cassie
    Two cats: Louise and Tabitha nn Tabby
    Six birds: Ramona, Rafferty, Arnold, Splash, Cassabelle, and Simpson
    Kirrily, Valencia, Romy, Juliet, Sevilla, Clemency, Kate
    Zachary, Ronan, Milo, Hale, Finn, Lewis

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    Mar 2011
    My Name: Reese Annette
    Husband's Name: Theodore Tyler

    Birth #1
    B: Thomas Isaiah

    Birth #2
    B: Elijah Harrison

    Birth #3
    B: Gabriel Orion

    Birth #4
    G: Lorelei Bell

    Birth #5
    G: Lucienne Delphine

    We don't have any pets.

    Reese+Theodore = Thomas, Eli, Gabe, LuLu & Luci <3
    Girls: Jana | Hollis | Mae | Diana | Cassandra | Della | Julia | Lia | Amy | Willa | Lucienne

    Boys: Leland | Reilly | Josiah | Isaiah | Leo | Liam | Gabriel | Eli | Jeremy | Philip | Harrison

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    Dec 2009
    Your name: Sky Cassandra
    Partner's name: Mac Leonardo

    Birth #1: B/G twins: Augustus Owen "Gus" & Violet Susannah
    Birth #2: B: Henry Nicholas
    Birth #3: G: Annabelle Georgia "Belle"
    Birth #4: B: Graham North
    Birth #5: G: Gemma Luiza

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    Apr 2012
    Your name: Stephanie Annika
    Husband's name: Theo Michael

    Birth 1:
    Lucy Katherine

    Birth 2:
    Eve Eleanor

    Birth 3:
    Grace Juliet

    Birth 4:
    Rosalie Snow

    Birth 5:
    Stellen Cormac
    I'm Erin, a teenaged writer who loves names (and dessert).

    Girls names of the moment: Delaney | Eleanor | Georgia | Kate | Lucy
    Boys names of the moment: Felix | Harry | Liam | Theo | Tobias

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