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Thread: Josephine Ivy?

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    Josephine Ivy is absolutely beautiful!

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    Josephine Ivy is really beautiful!! While Josephine Esme is okay, I would avoid pairing Josephine and Sophia for the same reasons noted by agirlinred.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agirlinred View Post
    I also love Josephine Ivy. Josephine Esme is also nice, but there's something about the spunk of Ivy paired with the sophistication of Josephine that I really like. I'm not such a fan of Josephine Sophia. I feel like the two names share too many sounds, including the prominent "ph" sound.
    My thoughts exactly. The contrast between Josephine and Ivy is striking and beautiful.

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    Josephine Ivy is SO stunning- I can't tell you how much I love it! I love it much more than either Josephine Esme or Josephine Sophia. One name that did come to mind was Josephine Camille / Josephine Camilla. Although, honestly, I like Josephine Ivy more!
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