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    Your Name: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers
    Partner's Name: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Birth #1:
    4. G/G/G/G Quads
    Names: Phoebe Rose Danvers, Celia Juliette Danvers, Ruby Evangeline Danvers, & Amelia Charlotte Danvers

    Birth #2:
    2. B/B/G Trips
    Names: Holden Seth Danvers, Quinton Gabriel Danvers, & Maisie Violet Danvers

    Birth #3:
    3. B/G/B/G/B Quints
    Names: Theron Alaric Danvers, Verena Lily Danvers, Landon Wyatt Danvers, Coralie Alice Danvers, & Camden Blake Danvers

    Birth #4:
    4. Your Choice but names are after Friends
    Names: Logan Noah Danvers & Chloe Katherine Danvers

    Birth #5:
    1-3. Are All G/G/G Trips (Names are your choice)
    Names: Daisy Clementine Danvers, Blair Annabelle Danvers, & Scarlett Athena Danvers

    Birth #6:
    5-6 All Boy Sextuplets. Names must come from MNs are names you like but don't love
    Names: Brooks Finn Danvers, Liam Weston Danvers, Paxton Reid Danvers, Cyrus Emmett Danvers, Greyson Rhys Danvers, & Ryker Drake Danvers

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    Your Name: Miranda Haley Jones
    Partner's Name: Beckett Isaiah Jones "Beck"

    Birth #1:
    5. G/G/G Trips
    Name: Leah Noelle, Blair Nicole, Teagan Natalia
    Theme: First names are some of my favorite names and the middle names all start with "N"

    Birth #2:
    5. B/G/G/B Quads
    Names: Coen Noah, Nevaeh Eliana "Josie", Emmelyn Harley "Emmy", and Hunter Collin
    Theme: The first first name start with "C" and the first middle name starts with "N" therefore the second first name starts with "N" the same letter as the first middle name and that continues to the last first name then the last middle name starts with the same letter as the first first name.

    Birth #3:
    5. G/G/G/B/B Quints
    Names: Genevieve Nicole "Genny", Geneva Callista "Evie", Gaven Sloane "Ava", Bentley Isaiah, Brenden Patrick *Gaven is pn. Gay-Ven* Theme: Girl names start with "G" for girl and boys names start with "B" for boy

    Birth #4:
    3. Your Choice but names are after Family Members Who Have Died
    Triplets (B/B/G)
    Names: Nathan Luke (brother), Austin Harold (both great-grandpas), Ainslee Savannah (variation of the name Aileen who was my great grandma)
    Theme: All names are honoring family member who have died. Middle names for Nathan and Ainsley are more of my favorite names. Harold honors my great-grandpa.

    Birth #5:
    4-6. Are All B/B/B Trips (Names are your choice)
    Names: Tate Michael, Tyler Adam, Trenton Xavier
    Theme: First names all start with "T" and the middle names spell the name "MAX"

    Birth #6:
    3-4 All girl Sextuplets. Names must come from MNs are your most favorite names
    Names: Adalynn Macey "Ada", Auden Finley, Adelaide Kenzey "Ela" Hadley Paris, Kinley Paloma, Josey Paisley
    Theme: First 3 first names start with "A", last 3 first names all end in "EY". The first 3 middle names all end in "EY" and the last 3 middle names start with "P".

    The Jones Family
    Leah, Blair, and Teagan (7)
    Coen, Nevaeh, Emmy, and Hunter (6)
    Genny, Evie, Ava, Bentley, and Brenden (4)
    Nathan, Austin, Ainslee (2)
    Tate, Tyler, Trenton (1)
    Ada, Auden, Ela, Hadley, Kinley, Josey (NB)
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    Your Name: Catherine Louise D'arcy
    Partner's Name: James William Lewis "Jack"

    Birth #1:
    3. B/B Twins
    Loughlan Robert Alexander Lewis/ Henry Peter Lewis "Lockie and Harry"

    Birth #2:
    1. B/B/B Trips

    William Andrew Lewis/James Dawson Lewis/ Thackeray Noah Lewis "Will", "Jim" and "Thackeray"

    Birth #3:
    3. B/G/B/G/B Quints

    Jacobus Anthony Lewis/ Samantha Anne Margot Lewis/ Ruairí Patrick Lewis/ Rachel Genevieve Lewis/ Daniel Joshua Lewis

    "Jake", "Sam", "Ruairí", "Cora" and "Danny"

    Birth #4:
    1. Your Choice but names are after Days of The Week

    Sunday Luna Lewis "Sunny"

    Birth #5:
    1-3. Are All G/G/G Trips (Names are your choice)

    Cora Shirleena Lewis, Helena Elodie Lewis and Emily Faith Lewis

    "Cora", "Helena" and "Emmy"

    Birth #6:
    1-2 Sextuplets of your choice. Names must come from MNs are your choice.

    Dylan Frederick Lewis/ Ryan George Lewis/ Jackson Thomas Lewis/ Bailey Jane Lewis and Morgan Paul Lewis

    "Dylan", "Ryan", "Jackson", "Bailey" and "Morgan"

    12 Sons:
    Lockie, Harry, Will, Jim, Thackeray, Jake, Ruairí, Danny, Dylan, Ryan, Jackson and Morgan

    7 Daughters:
    Sam, Rachel, Sunny, Cora, Helena, Emmy and Bailey
    Lochlan Robert Alexander~Henry Peter Drennan (Harry)~Thackeray Noah Benjamin~James David Arthur(Jimmy)

    Samantha Anne Margot~Helena Darcy~Hanna Grace~Rachel Genevieve~Emily Faith~Sydney Marie~Kathleen Alice (Kay)

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    My Name: Paige Christine
    Partner's Name: Jacob Kelly

    Birth 1- g/g twins
    1. Madalyn Leigh
    2. Makinley Lorraine

    Birth 2- b/b/b triplets
    1. Holden Rouge
    2. Hudson Dash
    3. Hanson Breaker

    Birth 3- b/g/b/g/b quints
    1. Conely Anderson
    2. Caitlyn Claire
    3. Callum Parker
    4. Chelsea Irene
    5. Collin Reed

    Birth 4- b/b/b/g/g/g
    1. Kyler Harvey
    2. Koen Sander
    3. Kaden Troy
    4. Kendal Ivy
    5. Khloeigh London
    6. Kyleigh Dorinda

    Birth 5- g/g/g triplets
    1. Austyn Paisley
    2. Audrey Miranda
    3. Aurora Faith

    Birth 6- b/b/b/b/b/b sexts.
    1. Axel Blake
    2. Cullen Trace
    3. Emmett Ashton
    4. Greyson Eli
    5. Kellan Bently
    6. Paxton Montgomery

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    Washington, D.C. suburbs
    Mom to Kate, Nora, Milo, and Penny
    Katharine Eloise (9/99)
    Eleanor Alice (1/02)
    Miles Christopher (11/04)
    Penelope Olivia (3/06)

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