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    Bella Jolie-it's just a lovely combo. Nobody in the real world will know that the names both have the same meaning unless you tell them. Kaelyn Jolie is nice but Bella Jolie flows off your tongue.

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    I am going to go totally out of character and vote for Kaelyn, though I prefer the traditional Kaylin spelling. I knew a Kaylin once and she was adorable so I have a huge soft spot for the name. Bella is all Twilight and trendy to me.

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    I am not a fan of Kaelyn but I have to choose Kaelyn Jolie b/c Bella Jolie is just too much for me. Both lovely names, but together they are overkill. One of the few sets of names that everyone probably knows the meanings to. I would prefer you break it up a bit and use Isabella Jolie instead, and call her Belle. Or Arabella Jolie, or Mirabella Jolie etc etc

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    Bella Jolie DEfinitely. Kaelyn seems too much like Katelyn, which I dislike intensely.

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    The only Kaelyn/Kailyn/Kaylin I ever met spelled her name Kalen. No one ever knew what way to spell it until they saw it written out.

    Both names are very "now" in their own way, Kaelyn having the very-popular "-en/-in" phonetic ending and Bella being the nn of Isabella of Twilight fame/infamy. Of the two I'd say Kaelyn Jolie (though as personal preference I prefer the Kalen spelling--guess that's just what I'm used to!)
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