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    Kaelyn Jolie or Bella Jolie?

    Kaelyn Jolie or Bella Jolie?

    *Jolie is staying, after my grandfather Joseph Lee.*

    Thank you so much!

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    Bella Jolie, by a mile. It has a really lovely flow. The only potential issue I see is that both names have essentially the same meaning -- I don't know if that repetition is a problem or if it only deepens the reference and strengthens the name. I personally think it's not too much at all -- in fact, I quite like it -- but it's something to be aware of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by biademedici View Post
    Bella Jolie, by a mile. Beautiful choice!
    I agree. Kaelyn is trendy, and although Bella is popular, it is still timeless. Kaelyn is one of those names that people will probably be able to date to 2010-2012+.
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    I like both, but I lean towards Kaelyn since that was a name on my list for my daughter. Jolie is very cute to honor your grandfather!

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    Oh, definitely Bella Jolie. I love that!

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