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Thread: Abra?

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    Abra's really nice. Can't say I get the bra reference, unless you deliberately extend the pause between the two syllables.

    If you're worried about your kid being bullied or a bully, that's more to do with self-esteem than a given name. Kids will find any reason to pick on each other. If you're really worried about it, or it becomes an issue, make a game with your child about developing strategies for dispelling such taunts, turning them on their heads perhaps, or some other way to take the power out of name-calling. If you've been paying attention to the news, it's not about the kids' names but being considered "other than normal" for just being themselves, or for things out of their control that they are bullied.
    That said, I'm sure your child will make the name their own. (I once met a Wilma, and somehow knew before meeting her that she was bound to be cool, just having had to shape the name for herself). It can also be easier to focus anxieties over the child's life experiences on this one concrete decision. I'm sure you'll be a great parent, if your trying to look out for your kid ahead of time is any indication. Best of luck

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    Makes me think of Pokemon
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    I just think Abra Cadabra ..and I think that it is pronounced Ab ra...that is the only way to say it..?

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    I grew up with a girl named Abra. I always thought it was really pretty. As far as I know no one ever called her A-bra. She pronounced it Ab-ra, and no one had trouble pronouncing it.

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    I also thought of Abra-Cadabra first, even though I see you're not pronouncing it that way.

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