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Thread: Baelfire

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    I came across this name while watching 'Once Upon a Time', and have really fallen for it. As far as etymology, all I can gather on the name is that the term bael-fire is Celtic Pagan and means "bonfire", connected to the celebration of Beltane, the fire lit and left to burn overnight to welcome the coming dawn of Spring.

    What do you think of Baelfire, nickname Bae? (though if I were ever inclined to use it myself it would no doubt go into the middle)

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    I'm sorry I don't like it..its kind of weird.. but I guess if its in the middle..blech

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    Oh no. I'm afraid to say that I think it's horrible.
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    For a sci-fi novel or a supernatural show like Once Upon a Time, it's great. For a real live human being, not a fan at all.
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    I think Bael is pretty usable in the front or middle, but -fire sends it to GP territory.
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