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    Isla Charlotte is my current choice with Isla. I also like Isla Beth. Isla Kate is OK and I'm not crazy about Isla Tess.

    Isla Elizabeth has too many of the same sounds for me. Isla Summer is pretty but since Isla is a little trendy, personally, I like it with something more classic. Here are some ideas I've played with --

    Isla Cathleen
    Isla Margaret
    Isla Ruth
    Isla Claire
    Isla Harper
    Isla Piper
    Isla Violet
    Isla Penelope

    Good luck! I love the name Isla. My top three combos personally are Isla Charlotte, Isla Jane and Isla Harper. But I really want to use a literary middle name for my daughter, so those three are high on the list.

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    Isla June maybe? Pretty sure that doesn't fit the Scottish. I actually like Isla Jean. Isla Katherine would give you more play for nicknames. Or you could pick two (Isla Ruby Jean) then she'd have an option to drop one if she didn't totally love it

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    Isla Rosemary
    Isla Bridget
    Isla Elspeth sounds more Scottish to me than Isla Elizabeth but both are pretty.
    Isla Annabel
    Isla Thistle - more symbolic of Scotland than actually traditional in Scotland as a girl's name. Thistle has a very Victorian flower-pixie sound to it as a name for me and Thistles are of course tied to Scottish imagery.

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    Isla Maeve
    Isla Bonnie
    Isla Niamh
    Isla Greer
    Isla Gillian
    Isla Carys

    Not all Scottish but maybe something will appeal.

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    Isla Maeve was on our list at one point, so I vote for that one!

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