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    B/G Twin names- what do you think?

    We are expecting boy/girl twins - here are the names I have in mind:

    Eliana Ray and Benjamin Isaac

    We will call them Ben and Ellie

    What do you think?

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    Love it!!!

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    Apr 2012
    Go for it! Lovely twin combo's, with easy nn. You cannot go wrong with these names.

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    Eliana and Benjamin sound gorgeous together, love it!! Benjamin Isaac is a great combo, but I'm so so on Eliana Ray... Eliana is so pretty and feminine and Ray seems a bit mismatched with it. Unless it's a family name or has some special meaning to you, maybe consider something a bit more feminine to pair with Eliana? Eliana May even? Congratulations and best wishes!
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    I completely agree with Julia. Beautiful choices, I think a more feminine mn like May for Eliana would make her name even prettier.

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