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    Pleasantly suprised...

    Two little babies baptized today, by the names of Charlotte Lydia and Everett Henry! No, they were not related, which startled me because they BOTH have good names. I'm in Florida and am used to seeing Jayden Noah's and Olivia Grace's. So I am very happy : ) Have any of you have been pleasantly surprised by name choices lately?
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    Even though they're so common, I'm pleasantly surprised by every Catherine, Elizabeth, or Caroline. Because at least they're not Katharynn, Elysabyth, or Karulyne.

    I don't mind creative/unique names. I'm actually quite tickled when I see originals, like Donova, or item names, like Candle (even if they're not my style). I also don't mind popular trendy names, like Olivia or Jayden. The only thing I'm not crazy about is extreme spelling. A little variation is fine (Catherine, Kathryn), but I do not like names that are difficult to read.

    [Sorry, was that a rant? I try to be accepting of all name choices, because a) not everyone shares one style and b) people actually have these names.]

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