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    Naming popularity question

    I was recently looking at the top 100 popular names on this website and I was very upset to realize that my favorite girls name from my childhood was in the top 100. (I won't say the name for fear of bringing more attention to it). However when I thought I about it I wondered how much I really have to worry about this popularity list when it comes to knowing a lot of different kids with this name. I work in a child center at a health club where I see hundreds of kids ages 6 weeks to 12 years every day. I have never met one child with this name. I have however met a TON of little girls with the name Marina name which is 640 on the list. Do you think I should still be concerned and veto my favorite name in favor of something more unique? I really hate the idea of my daughter being in a class with several other girls with her name. How seriously should I take this popularity list?

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