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    Dragon Ball Series Spin-off

    I need opinions. I have my story (it’s sort of like the Dragon Ball series). I have my characters. There are five main characters who are sisters. I have names, I just need opinions on the names. Four of the sisters have noticeably male names due to the fact that their father was really wanted a boy. The youngest has a female name because their mother finally put her foot down. The sister’s aren’t 100 percent human. Their father is/ was the prince of a now extinct warrior race known as the Akuma. His planet was destroyed when he was 12 years old with him and another young boy (five at the time) being the only known survivors. Ok, moving onto my characters…

    Carter Aiko: She goes exclusively by Cat and isn’t too pleased with her parents’ choice to name her Carter. She’s 14 and very well developed for her age. She has jet black hair and these large green eyes framed by a fringe of dark eyelashes. She inherited her father’s skin color giving her beautiful tan skin. She is often annoyed by her younger sisters but always sticks up for them. She’s a girly girl through and through but is more than willing to put up a fight if challenged.

    Harrison Junko: The second born daughter, but the first daughter born with a tail. This makes her Akuma side more dominant. She’s 12 years old and still coming into her own as a person. Whereas Cat was made to train as a child, Harrison was encouraged to explore her studious side. She lacks the fighter spirit her other sisters posses (despite the tail), but is still very handy in a pinch. She is an exact replica of her mother, from the blonde hair to the way she walks and talks. The only difference is Harrison is shy and reserved.

    The Twins Jadon Miyako and James Sumiko: The mischievous twins are 10 and different as day and night in the looks department. Jadon is more noted for her dark eyes and black hair. It’s pixie cut which she keeps jelled and spiked or just plain messy. Her clothes are often baggy and mixed matched causing her to be scolded often for her “homeless/boyish” appearance. James, affectionately called Jamie by her twin and Jack by her dad, is a lot more put together. Her long blonde hair is usually kept in two French braids either hanging off her shoulders or in one bun in the back of her head. Her clothes are a lot more fitted and perfectly matched. They both have the drive to fight which makes them their father’s favorite. Both have tails.

    Helena-Jean Chieko: She goes mostly by Leni-Jean and isn’t a fighter. At 8 years old she just isn’t interested in learning how. She’s much rather help out at home or in her grandfather’s lab. She is tiny and pale with blonde ringlets that frame her soft features perfectly. She has these pristine ice blue eyes that light up with excitement at the thought of a new scientific discovery. She’s hot-headed and out spoken like her mother.

    Other characters include their mother Bea and father Kyoya. Kyoya’s fellow Akuma, Kauai. Kauai’s wife Matilda and their children: 15 year old son Kaimana (Mana), 10 year old daughter Aolani, 11 year old son Kainalu (Nalu), and four year old daughter Maka Nani. Christopher, John, Charlie and his brother Camden, Daniel and Max who fight alongside Kauai and Kyoya.

    It’s mostly about the character’s learning more about their heritage, to control their powers, and eventually having to fight off the biggest threat earth has ever seen when the adults are rendered helpless.

    The middle names are names from the elites of the Akuma race, while Kauai and his children's names reflect the middle middle class of the Akuma race.

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    I absolutely love the name choices and from what you've written, the plot sounds really good. The one suggestion I would make is to leave Helena-Jean's nickname as just Leni, as it is quicker and easier to say, but other then that it's all perfect.
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    Thank You. I was worried how the male names would be perceived due to the fact that the girls aren't boys. I just wanted to show how strong the father's desire was to have a male child. And Leni actually works really well. It keeps up with the father's desire for all things masculine and it's less of a mouthful.

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