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    Rosalie vs. Rosaline

    Hi Berries!
    However much I love the name Evangeline, I keep coming back to Rose- names. Growing up, my favourite name was always Sophie (but DH said it was too common:-( ) and Rosalie has the same feel as Sophie to me. He likes Rosaline, but my family are not the biggest fans; they say it sounds made up. In fact, my family are not the biggest fans of many of our names, lol - brother says that Rosalie reminds him of 'a cup of rosy lee" which is cockney slang for a cup of tea!
    That aside, I still think it's a beautiful name!
    What do you think?
    Nicknames Rose/Rosie..I know they're popular nicknames but I think they're so sweet.:-)

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    I greatly prefer Rosalie, with the nickname of Rose. Rosalie Evangeline would make a lovely combo...

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    I Love Rose names. Especially in the first name spot. As far as nn goes. I love Rose on it's own and do see it as a nickname. And I agree they are very sweet.
    I love Rosaline! I don't think it sounds made up at all!!! It's a lovely shakespearean name! And I like Rosalie aswell. But this name is very common in Holland.

    I like Evangeline. Evangeline Rose would be lovely or Evelyn Rose.

    Or the other way around Rosaline Eve.

    Good luck!

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    Both Rosalie and Rosaline are beautiful names! I also love Rose names but used Rose as a middle for no.1 so can't really use it again, even as a longer first name.

    I'm not sure which of the 2 I like better, both are lovely and I love Rose as a nn. Less keen on Rosie as it sounds best suited to little girl rather than a grown up aswell.

    Also like Evangeline. How about Rosaline Eve or Rosalie Eve. Suggestion of Evelyn Rose is also gorgeous!

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    I love both of them! Rosalie Evangeline would be GORGEOUS. Rosalie Eve and Evelyn Rose too.. Or, Rosalie and Evangeline would make an awesome sibset

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