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Thread: Reese vs Reece

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    Reese vs Reece

    To begin, neither me or DW care for the Rhys spelling.

    I am heavily leaning towards Reese spelling. 1. My mom's name is Teresa, so it would resemble her name more closely. 2. Although some people don't like the connection to the candy, I don't mind it at all. So it would allow us to get him some apparel that featured their logo, like t-shirt, onesie, belt buckle, etc. Just something cute he could exploit. 3. She has disliked so many of my suggestions I would feel like wife gave me absolutely no compromises if we don't use the S spelling.

    Wife prefers Reece 1. Because it's more commonly used than Reese when it is for boys. 2. Her mom is Cathleen and she could say the C is tribute to her while the pronunciation of the name resembles my mom's name.

    I'm still a tiny bit hesitant to use the name just because it's unisex. I may still prefer a undisputedly masculine name.

    Please share your opinions and make comments.

    Thank You!
    Sons Wyatt and Cole. Third son on the way!

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