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Thread: Reese vs Reece

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    Reese vs Reece

    To begin, neither me or DW care for the Rhys spelling.

    I am heavily leaning towards Reese spelling. 1. My mom's name is Teresa, so it would resemble her name more closely. 2. Although some people don't like the connection to the candy, I don't mind it at all. So it would allow us to get him some apparel that featured their logo, like t-shirt, onesie, belt buckle, etc. Just something cute he could exploit. 3. She has disliked so many of my suggestions I would feel like wife gave me absolutely no compromises if we don't use the S spelling.

    Wife prefers Reece 1. Because it's more commonly used than Reese when it is for boys. 2. Her mom is Cathleen and she could say the C is tribute to her while the pronunciation of the name resembles my mom's name.

    I'm still a tiny bit hesitant to use the name just because it's unisex. I may still prefer a undisputedly masculine name.

    Please share your opinions and make comments.

    Thank You!
    Sons Wyatt and Cole. Third son on the way!

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    I like Reece. With the S I see it used more for a girl. Either way though love the name.

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    I associate "Reese" more for a girl and "Reece" for a boy. I say go with the wife and pick Reece! Congrats!

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    Love Rhys/Reese/Reece! Sorry, I agree with your wife that Reece would be a nice blend between your moms' names, and it is usually seen as a more masculine spelling than Reese is. However, I agree with you that the whole Reese's candy thing would be cool to exploit, and I have generally liked Reese as a spelling over Reece. I've always been torn between the two spellings, and Rhys is my personal choice, so I'm not sure I'm any help, sorry!

    But from your posts it sounds like you've bent over backwards to find a name that she will like that you can accept, too, so if you use Reese (or whatever spelling), it would be nice if your wife would give you Reese! With Wyatt and Cole, I think Reese works best, anyway, now that I think of it.

    Good luck!
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    I prefer Reese I think it has friendly vibes. If you have sons Wyatt and Cole it works perfectly better than Reece (which I think is a bit sissy).

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