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    Thanks so so much!!!

    There's no real story. I'm from a town where there are a lot of "mac" last names including MacCormac and we're both very scottish/irish Plus I love Cormac McCarthy.
    My family hates the name but we may go with it anyway! lol
    Thanks again.

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    I don't think Cormac is hard to pronounce. Actually after reading the title and getting pumped to be really harsh I'm actually disappointed that it's such a decent name haha.

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    I would read it core-mack if I saw it, not core-mick.

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    It's an okay name, but I don't think many would pronounce it the way you wish.
    married mom TTC #2

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    I love it! It fits right in with the Irish name trend yet isn´t hard to pronounce and the difference between the cor-mack and cor-mick pronunciation is slight so it would barely be noticable. I´ve only met one little Cormac in my life and his parents immigrated from Ireland. Overall its a legitimate name thats also cute and fun but would suit an adult as well.

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