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    marie_b First up Alexander William is an outstanding name. It sounds very modern and at the same time very classic. I think that Alexander is what I call a power name, a name that stops people in their tracks and makes them listen. So, you need a show stopping name to match it. A strong name with pizzazz.

    I think Nathaniel fits this criteria especially with nn of Nate (I am not fond of Nathan)

    and I also like

    Jonathan this is a classy name with nn's of Nate and Jonny

    Lachlan an old Scottish favourite and very popular in Australia but a great name and perfect with Alexander

    I can also see an Elliott this name has lots of pizzazz and Elliott and Alexander sound awesome together.

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    For a daughter I like these

    Caroline Hard to go past this classic
    Georgina Has a fresh almost tomboy feel it is both regal and cheeky at the same time
    Jemima love this one and nn's of Mimi, Mim, Mia, Jemma
    Olivia gorgeous, glamourous soft and feminine
    Charlotte fits to a T
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    Alexander and Charlotte are wonderful together... Alexander William and Charlotte Eloise

    Alexander and Nicholas as Lori suggested -excellent. Alexander William and Nicholas James
    Alexander and Lachlan as rollo suggested -excellent Alexander William and Lachlan James

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    I think Alexander William is a fabulous classic name! I really love Joseph with it. For a girl, my first thought was Catherine. Also, I would love to see:

    Charlotte (I love this too)

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    I have always really loved Victoria with Alexander....
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