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    Sibling names for Alexander William

    Hi everyone

    We're seeking suggestions for siblings names for our 2nd baby due in September. Our first son is called Alexander William - a name my husband & I both fell in love with straight away and never doubted for one second. This time around we are finding it much harder & haven't found THE name yet. Current favourites are Joseph & Isobel & perhaps Charlotte, although my husband likes this more than I do. We would like a traditional/British name but am open to any suggestions at all.

    Many thanks for your help xxx

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    ooo I really like Alexander William too! What nns have you given him? We're expecting our first baby in September and John Alexander is on the top of our list for boys right now (DH had a dream a couple years ago that he had a son named John and even though I tried, I couldn't budge him off that name ).

    Here are some traditional English classic names that I LOVE
    Elizabeth (so many cute nns -Lizzie, Beth, etc)
    Catherine/Katharine/Kathryn (more cute nns Kat, Kate, Katie, Kitty...)
    Philippa (nn Pippa is very happening right now thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge's sister)
    Allison/Alice/Adelaide/Adele (they all stem from the same name and mean "noble one")
    Abigail nn Abby
    Gwen/Gwendolyn/Gwyneth (classic and traditional but not too common!)

    Benjamin (that name is really popular around here. I love the name, but I don't think I can use it 'cause I have 3 friends with baby Benjamins.. so far)
    Jonathan (I can't use that one -it's my brother's name)

    There are so many more! ENjoy planning for your new little one!

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    Thanks both of you for your suggestions. lilysong we don't shorten Alexander as I can't bear to as I love the name sooo much.

    I love Alice, Amelia & Anna but I don't want to have 2 A names.

    Georgiana & Nathaniel are fab suggestions I hadn't considered before.

    I really like James but that's my OH's name & he doesn't want his son to be named after him - don't know why!
    I had thought about Henry but I didn't know whether it sounded a bit too old fashioned.

    Thanks again - a lot to think about!

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    Alexander is one of my all time favourite names. But since I'm determined to have a daughter named Alessandra, Alexander's strictly middle name material now. Funny enough one of my combos is Liam Alexander. :P

    Alexander and Nathaniel is perfect. I adore the name Nathaniel and it'll likely be my first son's name.

    Alexander and Henry is great, Henry is far from old fashioned nowadays.
    Alexander and Michael
    Alexander and Matthew
    Alexander and Joseph is great too.
    Alexander and George

    Alexander and Charlotte is great.
    Alexander and Caroline
    Alexander and Margo/Margeaux
    Alexander and Eloise
    Alexander and Gemma

    Edit: There's also Emelia if you don't want the double As.
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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