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    Everyone on nameberry is always mentioning it, I've never in my life met an Isla though.

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    Where do you live, hon? I live in Australia and its getting very popular here. I think it's about 24 in popularity just for my state. I know a little Isla. She about 2. I still love the name, though.

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    Yeah Isla is much more popular in UK and Australia than in the US. Australia has a popularity list similar to the US's in some ways but really radically different in other ways. As an American who moved to Australia I remember vividly the first time I told my husband I'd found a new Gaelic (he likes Gaelic names) he might like. He almost peed himself laughing that I was impressed/first encountering Lachlan, which is actually in the Australian Top Ten most popular names for boys.

    Isla is similar; very very well-known in Australia, all but unheard of in the US.

    I actually prefer the not-trendy-anywhere Iola, but no one else likes it.

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    I had the same exact question about the name Eliza. And, I feel like it is the same answer I got for Elisa for is mentioned on this site A LOT, but in real life it isn't as popular as it seems. I first heard the name Isla from the actress Isla Fisher and have only met one person with that name, she was about 2 years old (and it was this year) I have,however, seen it mentioned on this site all the time. Check your SSA statistics to see how popular it is where you live, that might give you a better idea. Even if it does become popular, I don't see it reaching Isabella, Olivia, Madeline status. If you love the name, don't let the potential popularity deter you. Isla is a very pretty name so I say go for it!

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    Isla is in my top 5, but I too have been concerned about the popularity- I am constantly reading how it is the next big name, and how trendy it has become. However, I'm in NY and have yet to meet an Isla of any age (and I'm an educator, so I'm exposed to a lot of young children). I'm anxious to see the new Social Security list next month to see how much it has gone up. Although I'm sure it could break the top 100, I can't imagine it getting super high due to the potential pronunciation and spelling issues.

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