View Poll Results: What fits best with the sibling names, Saskia Grace nn Sassy and Milla Rose nn Milly

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  • Gisele Eve nn Gigi

    7 6.09%
  • Giselle Eve nn Gigi

    29 25.22%
  • Imogen Eve nn Immy

    24 20.87%
  • Imogen Elle nn Immy

    5 4.35%
  • Katya Eve nn Kitty

    50 43.48%
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    Imogen Eve is pretty. It gets my vote. Katya Eve would be my second choice. Don't really care for Gisele/Giselle.

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    I meant to vote for the Katya option but my fingers are too fat for the iPhone buttons!

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    I voted Katya Eve, though I really dislike Kitty as a nickname.

    I think given the chance to change my vote, I might actually go Gisele Eve 'Gigi' as I think it's nice overall and fits beautifully with Saskia and Milla.

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    I was going through some names last night and came across the Katja spelling which seems more authentic somehow? Also makes less of the fact that Saskia and Katja *might* have similar sounding endings - especially if you spelt it Katia - though that is a nice spelling too.

    I do like Imogen but less sure of Immy as a nickname. It's sweet, Genny/Jenny might work for it too?

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    Wow, interesting results...please keep voting. Feel free to make any other suggestions that you think might work....

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