View Poll Results: What fits best with the sibling names, Saskia Grace nn Sassy and Milla Rose nn Milly

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  • Gisele Eve nn Gigi

    7 6.09%
  • Giselle Eve nn Gigi

    29 25.22%
  • Imogen Eve nn Immy

    24 20.87%
  • Imogen Elle nn Immy

    5 4.35%
  • Katya Eve nn Kitty

    50 43.48%
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    I've voted Katya Eve as think Sassy, Milly and Kitty sounds such a sweet set of girls!
    And all full names have a lovely European air about them

    I wish we were closer to choosing ours lol

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    I voted for Imogen Eve because I love Imogen, but then I decided I like Katya better with your other two.
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    Have you considered the spelling Katia? It seems so much cleaner to me.

    I voted for Gisele/Giselle.

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    I like the name Giselle, but hate Gigi.....sorry. Poodle name to me. Also, the way Gigi is derived from Giselle isn't at all the way that Sassy and Milly are derived from Saskia and Milla...I also find Gigi difficult to say. Immy seems like an inside out version of Milly to me; the only Imogen I know is called Imogen.

    My suggestion would be to name her Giselle, which you say you love, and call her Kitty, which you say you love. Why not? Or name her Kismet and call her Kitty.

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    Interesting suggestions/comments. Do people like Katia or Katya better? I like both but still not sure if I LOVE this name but it does meet my criteria - 5,6,7 letters, European sounding, ends in a and can be shortened to double letter y. I do love Gigi despite the poodle business - actually we have a poodle and he is called Ziggy. Don't know if I can do Giselle nn Kitty, seems too much of a stretch. We just keep going round and round on this. Sassy amd Milly divided on Giselle and Imogen and my husband and I love both Giselle and Imogen and really like Katia/Katya. Imogen is top 100 though in Australia now, so I feel it could be getting too popular whilst Giselle still seems unique.

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