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    Your name is FN & MN’s: Cora Josephine

    When you are eighteen years old and still in high school you begin dating a guy that’s a year younger than you, but in your grade.

    His first and middle names: Theo Lucas

    You’ve only been dating for 2 months when you find out you’re pregnant! .

    1 2 or 3 - You put the baby up for adoption.
    Open Adoption
    Name: Ethan Alexander
    Adoptive Parents names: Lillian & Eli

    Shortly after the baby is born, you and your boyfriend split up. Fast forward 5 years.
    You’re in the grocery store when a cute guy starts to chat you up. His name is and you learn that he actually lives on your street! He invites you over for a small get together and you agree to go

    Name: Calvin Louis

    Eventually the two of you start dating, and get engaged after 1 month.
    You decide on a destination wedding. Where do you go?

    5 - Jamaica

    It’s not long after that you find out you’re expecting! Roll the dice to find out what you’re having!

    5 or 6 - A girl! First name and middle

    Name: Scarlett Anastasia

    Not even a year later, you find yourself pregnant again!

    5 or 6 - A girl! First and middle names

    Name: Caroline Jane

    Another 3 years go by before your next child is born.

    5 or 6 - Gender up to you. First and middle names come from
    Name: Harper Quinn

    When your youngest is two, you decide to relocate your family. Where do you go?

    5 - Tennessee

    Once settled, you decide to get a pet! Roll to find out what.

    3 or 4 - A male dog - breed is your choice -
    Breed: Pug
    Name: Arc

    On your youngest child’s fourth birthday you decide it’s time for one more baby!

    1 or 2 - Twin girls! Their first names and middle names

    Names: Vivienne Lucy & Victoria Alice

    When your youngest is five you decide to add to the family one more time - with another pet!

    5 or 6 - A female dog - breed is your choice-
    Breed: French bulldog
    Name: Clea

    Another year passes and you think you’re done having children, until you find out that you’re expecting once again!

    5 or 6 - A boy! First and middle names
    Name: Everett Finn

    Names of all my kids: Ethan (adopted), Scarlett, Caroline, Harper, Vivienne, Victoria, & Everett<3
    Names of 2 dogs: Arc & Clea<3

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