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    Looking for opinions on this slightly long list...

    Old and new crushes - any opinions? comments? suggestions of middle names? top 3/5 etc.

    1. Barnaby
    2. Cavan
    3. Dakota
    4. Dante
    5. Drake
    6. Emmett
    7. Ezekiel 'Zeke'
    8. Hendrix
    9. Jacoby 'Coby'
    10. Judah 'Jude'
    11. Kingston/Kingsley
    12. Koen
    13. Maddox
    14. Matteo
    15. Ramsey
    16. Remy
    17. Rocco
    18. Roman
    19. Rourke
    20. Seth
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    1.Barnaby - Dont like!
    2.Cavan - Not sure how to pronounce this one. Like Kevin, but not?
    3.Dakota - Love.
    4.Dante - Love.
    5.Drake - Love.
    6.Emmett - Like.
    7.Ezekiel 'Zeke' - Love!
    8.Hendrix - Its okay.
    9.Jacoby 'Coby' - Dont like.
    10.Judah 'Jude' - Love.
    11.Kingston/Kingsley - Love. Prefer Kingsley.
    12.Koen - Like.
    13.Maddox - Like.
    14.Matteo - Dont like.
    15.Ramsey - Dont like.
    16.Remy - Love.
    17.Rocco - Dont like.
    18.Roman - Love.
    19.Rourke - Dont like.
    20.Seth - Like.

    Favorite is Ezekiel. Since you have a list of names you like, try putting some of them together to find a good match. Thats what I try to do.
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    Barnaby - cute!!!
    Cavan - NMS!
    Dakota - Love
    Dante - I like it but it just seems weird on a non-Italian child
    Drake - I like it
    Emmett - Really like it!
    Ezekiel 'Zeke' - Just too much name, all I see is a little Amish boy
    Hendrix - I think Henrik or Heinrich sound better but it works
    Jacoby 'Coby' - OOH!!! I love this!
    Judah 'Jude' - I prefer just Jude but I like it
    Kingston/Kingsley - I think King- names are a little pompous but I love Priestly so I have no right to talk
    Koen - I have a Jewish best friend that I am very close to so I appreciate the spelling change, but it looks made up so I am not sure how I feel
    Maddox - Trendy but nice
    Matteo - I prefer Matthew but still nice
    Ramsey I like it, very sophisticated
    Remy - Its ok to me it is too feminine for a boy yet too masculine for a girl
    Rocco - I just love this name!! Nameberry seems to hate it though
    Roman - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    Rourke - Its ok, not my favorite though
    Seth - I really hate this name but I have no reason too LOL

    Top 5 (in order) Roman, Rocco, Jacoby, Dakota, and a tie between Emmett and Barnaby

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    Barnaby - Eh, don't like.
    Cavan - Not sure. Leaning towards no.
    Dakota - It's the county I'm from.. not a fan of it as a name.
    Dante - Not bad. NMS but nice.
    Drake - Meh.
    Emmett - Love!
    Ezekiel 'Zeke' - Like.
    Hendrix - Don't like. When I heard a name like this I feel like the parents are trying too hard to be cool.
    Jacoby 'Coby' - Meh. I like Jacob more. What about Colby?
    Judah 'Jude' - Love!
    Kingston/Kingsley - Not bad, NMS though.
    Koen - Don't like at all.
    Maddox - Not bad.
    Matteo - It's ok.
    Ramsey - Don't like. It's a last name IMO.
    Remy - It's ok.
    Rocco - Meh.
    Roman - It's ok.
    Rourke - Don't like.
    Seth - Nice!

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    Barnaby - Eh reminds me of Barney which is a purple dinosaur here
    Cavan - just looks off to me
    Dakota - I like it! Would it be weird to use it in the UK though since it is a state and name of an American Indian tribe here?
    Dante - I love it but I agree with @dillonsfan01 I just don't see it on a boy who is not Italian
    Drake - I like it
    Emmett - very nice
    Ezekiel 'Zeke' - Zeke sounds so rough and abrasive but I don't mind Ezekiel
    Hendrix - like it a lot!
    Jacoby 'Coby' - LOVE this one!
    Judah 'Jude' - Jude does not seem like it can work as a nn to me and if he is going by Jude anyways than just use Jude
    Kingston/Kingsley - I think this would be weird for a child to grow up with
    Koen - Any Cohen variation gets a big NO from me, sorry
    Maddox - I like it, I am a big fan of names with X
    Matteo - I like it a lot!!
    Ramsey - ok...
    Remy - I really despise this name, sorry
    Rocco - LOVE!!!!! A top contender for our baby
    Roman - Love this one too, it is actually another contender
    Rourke - sounds too much like a last name
    Seth - Ehh ok, but boring

    Top 3
    1. Rocco
    2. Roman
    3. Matteo
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