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    I have b/b twin names planned: Gabriel and Sebastian. (Same number of syllables theme) I didn't think about b/g twins. I guess I would name them Rand and Dagny. (Atlas Shrugged theme)
    Mother of Evander, Gabriel, and Eliza
    Theodore - Jobadiah - Shepherd -- Celia - Annabelle - Calliope

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    I LOVE Fox and Flora! But then, I've always been a bit of a sucker for matchy/cheesiness!

    Well, the nurse called last week and announced that it is possible we ARE having twins based on my last 2 beta/progesterone level tests, (which were apparently sky-high.) So we've been preparing!

    Rosemary June and Susannah Pearl
    Woodrow David and Ulysses Anton
    Rosemary June and Woodrow David

    All middle names are family names, (except Anton, which is short for Anthony. Ulysses Anthony is just too much name!)
    bio: Raphael David, Ignatius Peter
    fostering: M & J

    Saved for Later:
    Rosemary, Susannah, Nazareth, Georgia, Theodora, Fawn
    Ulysses, Thaddeus, Laszlo, Woodrow, Leopold

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