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    Flora & Fox are sweet together, although neither is really my style.
    @ mge28 I love Penny & Paul and Lucy & Lennon! Adorably perfect!

    Some combos I like for twins:

    Andrew & Samuel
    Jack & Leo

    Margaret & Eleanor
    Clementine & Hermione
    Aurelia & India
    Madeline & Eloise

    Sadie & Callum
    Fife & Fraser

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    I know a set of twins called Finley and Charlotte (both girls) and I think the combination is adorable. I also know a Lauren and Olivia, Leah and Jillian, Matthew and Alex, Raine and Lily, Maddy and Hayley, and Hannah and Emily! I think Flora and Fox is so sweet. If I every had twins, I'd put that combination on the list for sure!! Those parents really hit the nail on the head! As a side note, Wren and Eloise are two of my favorite names, that is such a wonderful combination!

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    Twins boys I know of are called Daniel and Dean, and then I have my uncles William and James (billy and jimmy).

    Girl twins I know of are called Rachel and Rebecca and Mhairi and Heather.

    The only boy girl twins I know of are Graeme and Gianna.

    If I ever had twins I think I'd choose:
    B/B: Emmett and Wyatt (maybe a bit matchy)
    G/B: Aurora and Emmett
    G/G: Aurora and (I have no idea)
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    My favorite sets are
    Arielle and Brielle (Gals)
    Malachi and Mordecai (Fellas)
    Theodore and Dorothy (BG)

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    Theodore and Dorothy is one of the most adorable things I've ever heard!! Neither are too outrageous nor too common, and they both have that nice, soft 'th' sound. I'd call 'em Theo and Dot for short, because those are on my list of favorite nicknames!!

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