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    I came up with Zenobia and Isadora the other day for G/G twins. These frilly, ancient names mean 'gift of Zeus' and 'gift of Isis', respectively, and are connected that way. Both have the tomboy/spunky nicknames of Zen/Zenna/Noa and Isa/Izzi/Zadi.

    For me, same initials don't matter as much as first syllable. IMO, the style should be 'so opposite it matches' or the same. For example:

    Jayden and Jamie: Both start with JAY. One is 2010s trendy and the other is 70s-80s trendy.
    Joseph and Julia: One starts with Jo, the other Ju. Both are perennial classics.

    Jax and James: I love this combo (in theory; I could never bring myself to use Jax). To me, it just works.

    My favorite twin set I know in real life are teens named Olivia and Evelyn. Gorgeous, classic names starting with vowels. Both have a v and an L. Naming perfection
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    Not crazy about Fox, but paired with Flora it has a nice ring to it.

    Personally, I think the best twin names are Charles and Hugo. The names compliment each other so beautifully. If I ever have twin sons (which would be a long shot to hope for since I have absolutely no twins in my near family), I'd love to name them Charles Archibald Elrohir and Hugo James Elladan.

    I once stumbled across such a lovely sibset here on Nameberry - Asa and Alexandria - and I haven't been able to get over it ever since. I think that would make such a handsome boy/girl twin set.
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    I am currently trying to figure out names for the twins I am currently expecting! LOL! I really like them!!!! I like matchy with his or her siblings. Right now I'm trying to figure out Little Man and Little Lady's name. Flora and Fox are freaking adorable and slightly aDORKable haha. I've always loved this set of twin boys that True has grown up with, their names are Finn and Jude. They are the sweetest things ever, and they have a little sister name Elle. Also there is a set that goes to preschool with Lottie named Waverly and Wyatt which I always thought were adorable
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    Claire & Eliza
    Cora & Adeline
    What do you think of these? I love them!

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    BB twins - Abraham and Timothy
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