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    I really do like Flora and Fox.
    My new favorite idea for girl/girl twins is using a first name that is a nickname for the other twins middle name.
    My favorite combo for sentimental reasons would be:
    Meg Elizabeth and Eliza Margaret
    But for sound only:
    Nora Elizabeth and Eliza Eleanor
    And for boys, i'd probably just use my favorites.
    Vote on my list:

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    Flora and Fox is a lovely pair, it makes me think of a brand someone would choose for their kid's organic stuff line.
    Nora and June is impossibly sweet, I agree.

    Personally I have yet to find a great pair of twin names myself, because all twin names I know are too matchy.
    I think what works for me is the style similarity, for example, I love Julian and Dominic; Julian and Vincent; Julian and Eloise; Julian and Beatrix; Beatrix and Willa.

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    I think Flora and Fox are beautiful together.

    I like -
    Charlotte and Sophie
    Clara and Mary
    Virginia and Margaret
    Elizabeth and Katherine
    Sadie and Eleanor
    Anna and Emmeline

    James and Emmett
    Andrew and William
    Thomas and Henry

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    I know quite a few sets of twins. My cousins are 10 now, and called Kate and Emma. I think it just flows so well! Some others I know are:
    Matthew & Alexander
    Alexander & James
    Sophie & Amy
    Just a 16 year old girl obsessed with names and naming things not yet here.

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    Flora and Fox; oh my goodness perfection!
    Love the styles! Thanks for sharing that!

    I really like matching first initials, but other combos sometimes sound even better.
    I'm really liking Honor & Everly, Finnegan & Jack, and Freya & Walker.

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