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    Honestly, I don't really like Flora and Fox together.They seem like two different styles to me. Flora is sweet and old fashioned, Fox is punchy and modern. But that's just my opinion. I know a set of twins named Nora and June, and I think that is so impossibly sweet. My current favorite hypothetical twin sets are Rose and Sylvie, and Max and Levi

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    via29 - yes, our twins or Wren & Eloise, or Birdie & Lola who they go by 75% of the time.

    caroeliese - interesting point about the flora & fauna correlation - maybe that's why I'm so drawn to the combo. Fox & Flora just seem to roll so nicely together, and maybe I am feeling that way because of the similar Fauna & Flora. Cool thought!
    Ps: ADORE Blair and Aurelia together - like love, love love them! Although so completely different in style (spunky & frilly), they still fit seemlessly together. I kind of like the opposing "styles" for twins though, which I guess explains our choice of Wren & Eloise (modern & classic).

    spacecow - to each their own I guess! I completely see what you mean about them being different styles, but as said above, i think thats why i love them together! As for Nora and June, stunning combo! Rose & Sylvie and Max & Levi are also great! The girls are feminine and strong, and the boys are rough & tumble - perfect combinations!

    Any other twin combos you nameberries are interested in? Either real life, or in your fantasy world?

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    I know twins called Claire and Louisa, I think they're beautiful and really well matched! Flora and Fox are lovely together, though Fox isn't something I'd choose at all.
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    Flora and Fox is adorable! I usually figure I'll just use my top choice/top two choices if I ever have twins, depending on gender, lol, so it would likely be Isabelle and Arianne, Isabelle and Caleb, or Caleb and Jack for me. But there are a few twinsets I really like (some of which are quite matchymatchy... urgh):

    Eliza and Elliot
    Olivia and Oscar
    Isabelle and Avery (boy)
    Isabelle and Henry
    Annabel and Daphne
    Annabel and Clara
    Isabelle and Violet
    Violet and Annabel

    I think Bella and Maggie are adorable together, too--maybe something like Isabelle and Margot/Arabella and Magdalena/Annabel and Magnolia...
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    Agree with the Bella & Maggie sibset!!
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