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    Jul 2012
    DH: Bailey Ann O’Hara MacAlister
    DW: Andrew James MacAlister

    14 year old: Arden Annabel MacAlister

    11 year old: Magnus Theon and Tarquin Atticus MacAlister

    9 year old: Caspian Wade MacAlister

    8 year old: Willa Finley MacAlister

    6 year old: Reed Quinn MacAlister

    4 year old: August Walker and Rhys Beckett MacAlister

    2 year old: Xander Kiel MacAlister

    Newborns: Juniper Cadence and Tate Cabot MacAlister

    Bailey and Andrew: Arden, Magnus & Tarquin, Caspian, Willa, Reed, August & Rhys, Xander, Juniper & Tate.

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