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    Mar 2011
    DH: Eli Holden Wiles
    DW: Zara Margaret Wiles

    14 Year Old Boy: Jude Hudson Wiles
    11 Year Old G/G Twins: Imogen Valentina Wiles & Georgia Chanel Wiles
    9 Year Old Girl: Rose Sienna Wiles
    8 Year Old Girl: Ella Violet Wiles
    6 Year Old Boy: Archer Preston Wiles
    4 Year Old B/B/G Triplets: Sawyer Lennox Wiles, Roman Elliot Wiles, & Isobel Miranda Wiles
    2 Year Old Boy: Xander Remy Wiles
    Newborn B/B/G Triplets: Otis Jethro Wiles, Linus Rupert Wiles, & Maud Phoebe Wiles

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    DH: Michael William
    DW: Audrey Elinor

    14 year old
    - If you have or are studying for for a Master's degree, you have a girl.
    Name: Maisie Elinor

    11 year old (note: I love languages and music/drama/art, so can I have B/G twins?)
    - If your favorite subject is/was music, drama, or arts, you have G/G twins.
    Names: Georgia Imogen and Marin Paloma

    9 year old
    - If your favorite color is red or orange, you have a boy.
    Name: Barnaby Mateo

    8 year old
    Everyone has a girl!
    Name: Leila Tallulah

    6 year old
    Everyone has a boy!
    Name: Logan Sawyer

    4 year old
    - If your favorite activity involves reading or writing, you have B/B twins.
    Names: Auden Beckett and Chandler Thackeray

    2 year old
    - If you have done all or none of these, you have a boy.
    Name: Xander Remy

    - If you like to watch medical/crime shows, you have B/G twins.
    Names: Tate North and Wren Cadence

    Michael and Audrey have Maisie, Georgia, Marin, Barnaby, Leila, Logan, Auden, Chandler, Xander, Tate, and Wren. I love kids, but I'm not sure I could handler that many.

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    Nov 2011
    14 year old:
    Abigail Aurelia "Gail"

    11 year olds:
    Felix Rufus & Theon Quintus

    9 year old:
    Zahara Rose "Zara"

    8 year old:
    Clara Pearl

    6 year old:
    Samson Elijah "Sam"

    4 year olds:
    Romy Isla & Ruby June

    2 year old:
    Rian Xander

    Olive Sisley & Iris Haven & Quincy Brooks
    - Lucy Marlowe - Abigail Darcy - Everly Eden - Bellamy Lux - Isla Pearl - Ophelia Jayne - Juniper Claire -Zoe Amadea - Aria Lysann

    - Theodore River - Paxton Elijah - Felix Raleigh - Logan Ambrose - Luis Raphael - Jonah Taddeo

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    Apr 2011
    14 year old: Hudson Cruz

    11 year old: Romy Olivia

    9 year old: Scarlet Rose

    8 year old: Willa Poppy

    6 year old: Jonah Levi

    4 year olds: Becker Sebastian and Maris Gabriella

    2 year old: Xander Kiel

    Newborns: Cabot North and Cadence Wren

    Hudson, Romy, Scarlet, Willa, Jonah, Becker, Maris, Xander, Cabot and Cadence.
    Mama to Declan Theodore (12/04), Matilda Charlotte "Mattie" (11/08), Juliet Catherine (5/11), and Georgia Sutton "Gigi" (5/12)

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    Apr 2012
    United States
    DH: Tyler James
    DW: Allison Marie

    14 year old: Adelaide Amelia (Addy)

    11 year old: Atticus Cole and Cyrus Finn

    9 year old: Kai Hudson

    8 year old: Ivy Camilla

    6 year old: Jonah Isaac

    4 year old: Beckett Zane and Rhys Monroe

    2 year old: Claire Nina and Zoe Jade

    Newborn: Carter Wesley, Levi Vincent, and Hanna Lillian

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