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    My name is Cassandra May Treml


    I work in the medical field and live in New York State

    This is my house:


    How I met my DH:

    We were introduced to each other through a mutual friend. He had just moved to the city and I offered to show him around. A couple dates later I decided that the attraction between the two of you was too strong to ignore so I we became serious.

    His name is Simon Paul and he is a mechanic

    We get married in the summertime, then I was 24 and he 26

    2 years pass before we start having children, our first is a boy, his name is Noah James


    When Noah turns two I still haven't fallen pregant...

    When he is four we have a little girl with rosebud lips, we call her Rose Margaret but she is born mildly deaf in a few more years she will not be able to hear at all.


    When our youngest is two, my husband and I get a divorce, but we remain civil for the sake of the kids. It isn’t long before I meet someone new and immediately hit it off.

    His name is Cal West. He is fairly new to town, also recently divorced and has three children and runs his own landscaping company.

    He has 3 boys, their names are Charlie Seth, Harry Isaac and Jack Solomon

    The two of us date for two years before we finally decide to tie the knot! Our wedding is in the fall. Shortly after we decide to have one more baby, this time a boy

    His name is Tobias Leander

    After much hassle from the kids five months later we buy a female beagle whom Harry names Sally. Rose loves having another girl in the family and suggests we get another one, we refuse...but buy a female ginger cat two years later whom we call...well Ginger.
    Attached Images

    Liv, an 18 year old with a love for naming and name etymology.

    Current Favourites:

    Girls: Eleanor, Louisa, Freya, Mia, Yvaine, Hazel, Pearl, Ruby, and Evie.

    Boys: Walter, Miro, Remus, Felix, Alasdair, Eamon and Graham.

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    My Name: Hermione Fay Neighbor
    3 or 4 - FN: LN:

    Roll the dice to find out where you live and what your career is, however, you decide which job and which town/city.
    1 or 2 - You work as a pediatrician and live in New York City.

    What does your house look like?
    8 -

    How did you meet DH?
    7 8 or 9 - He spotted you through the crowd at a carnival. You were each with your respective group of friends. He tapped you on the shoulder while in line for the ferris wheel and introduced himself. You decided he was cute and charming and agreed to a date.

    What is DH’s name and occupation? Louis Patrick *Louie* Neighbor
    5 or 6 - He is a mechanic. FN and MN come from

    You get married in the summertime. How old are you and DH? I am 27, he is 30.

    About two years pass before you decide it’s time to start having children. Roll the dice to find out the gender. Odd is a boy, even is a girl.
    Roll again to find out the name - Sky Emery Neighbor
    7 - 12 First and middle names from

    When your first born turns two, you decide it’s time for another! Roll the dice. Amelie Evanna Neighbor
    7 - 9 Gender is up to you! His/her first and middle name must come from

    In another year, you try again. This time it’s a girl. She’s born with some type of disability however, which puts a strain on your already fragile marriage. What is her disability? Aspergers. Fleur Amity Neighbor
    Her first and middle names come from

    When your youngest is two, you and your husband get a divorce, but you remain civil for the sake of the kids. It isn’t long before you meet someone new and immediately hit it off. What is his name? Emmett Charles Lane
    He is fairly new to town, also recently divorced and has three children.

    Roll the dice to find out his occupation.
    11 or 12 - He is an archaeologist.

    Roll the dice again to meet his family - Ruby Beatrix, Eloise Alice and Asa August Lane
    7-9 He has twin daughters and a young son, all FN and MN’s come from

    The two of you date for two years before you finally decide to tie the knot! Your wedding is in the fall. Shortly after you decide to have one more baby - roll the dice.
    Even is a girl, odd is a boy. Gregory Oliver Lane
    FN and MN both come from

    List the names and ages of your family! Feel free to add in descriptions, pictures, more details, etc. If you want you can also add more children, pets whatever!
    Maggie and Emmett

    their children...

    Sky, Amelia, Fleur, Ruby, Eloise, Asa and Gregory

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    My name is Rachel Dana Burgess (née Owens). I'm a pediatric oncologist and I live in New York.
    I live in a white, 1930's house that has a mixture of art deco and neo-classicist architecture.
    I married a man named Amos Otto Schmidt; he's a lawyer. I met him after a mutual friend introduced us and we started dating. We got married in the summer, when I was 29 and he was 33.
    About two years later, we had our first child, a son named Anthony Christopher.
    When Tony was two, we had a girl named Elizabeth Geneva.
    When Eliza was one, we had another girl named Abigail Louisa (she was born with severe asthma).
    When Abby was two, Amos and I got a divorce. Shortly thereafter, I met my husband, Nolan Grant Burgess (an archaeologist).
    Nolan was also divorced, and had three daughters from his first marriage: Alice Sophia, Cordelia Ivy, and Beatrice Juliet.
    After dating for two years, we got married in the fall. Shortly thereafter, we decide to have one more baby, a girl named Lillian Francesca.

    Tony, Eliza, & Abby
    Alice, Cora, & Bea

    Tony (11):
    Eliza (9; in pink), Abby (8; in white), & Alice (8; in blue):
    Cora (6; left) & Bea (4; right)
    Lily (3):
    Mom to Kate, Nora, Milo, and Penny
    Katharine Eloise (9/99)
    Eleanor Alice (1/02)
    Miles Christopher (11/04)
    Penelope Olivia (3/06)

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    My name: Scarlett Elizabeth Totten

    I'm a sports reporter in Vancouver.

    My house is #9

    We grew up together.

    My husband is a welder. His name is Milo Sawyer Greer.

    When we get married, I am 27 and DH is 28.

    1st child: boy, Brady Quinn Greer

    My daughter is born profoundly deaf. Her name is Julia Margaret Greer

    My new love interest's name is Nolan Cole Rust.

    He is a local business owner, he owns a restaurant.

    He has three girls: Eliza Juliet Rust, Louisa Susannah Rust, and Serena Beatrice Rust.

    We have a son, Oliver Josiah Rust.

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